Front Page Blurb


We are open in a limited capacity.  Hand washing upon entry is required (and the employee restroom is available).   Masks are required and will be worn at all times (excluding taking a drink).  Total occupancy is capped at 28, which is 275 square feet per person.  (We analyzed the data for week one and, at any give time, there was an average of 6 people in the building.)  There are also individual room limits posted, creating maximum distance is mandated, and yelling and excessive talking is strongly discouraged.   There will be no day passes, 1 weeks, or single months available.  Although it hasn’t happened yet, due to the 28 person limit you may have to wait for entry.  We have outdoor areas available, and will happily help you transport equipment into the alley or the pen. While we’re cleaning more than usual, and have increased access to sprays, towels, soap, and sanitizer, it’s impossible to keep a gym perfectly clean at all times.  There will be no nail-biting, nose-picking or face touching allowed.   This illness is respiratory in nature and may be transmitted when you breathe air from an infected person’s sneeze, cough, laughter, heavy exhale, etc.   Returning to the gym entails risk.  Whatever you decide, we honor you, appreciate you, and look forward to seeing you again… Whenever that may be.  LOVE, HPG (May 27 1:06pm)

Hyde Park Gym is known for our family atmosphere, friendly staff, superb personal trainers, and diverse clientele.   We are a complete-minimalist gym, with space for weightlifting, powerlifting, strongman, bodybuilding and sports performance.  We’re also revered for what we don’t have: blaring music, TVs, crowds, salespeople, and bros. The gym is also known for “the Arm” – the gargantuan dumbbell-curling bicep that protrudes over Guadalupe Street.  Helmed by iron game legend Mike Graham in the 80s and 90s, HPG is a charming piece of fast-disappearing Old Austin.

HPG caters to folks of all fitness levels and ages. We’re open every day of the year. Come by anytime – We’d love to show you around!