Austin Sport and Chiropractic is located in north/central Austin just about 1 mile north of Hyde Park Gym on North Lamar Blvd.  Austin Sport and Chiropractic is a sports-minded chiropractic practice operated by Dr. Andy Abele, former chiropractor and assistant strength and conditioning coach for the New Orleans Saints. The combination of being a practicing doctor of chiropractic (since 2005) and a coach of various sports (since 1997) makes Dr. Abele uniquely experienced and adept in the care of athletes.

NeuroSport Chiropractic utilizes the following modalities:

  • traditional chiropractic care
  • chiropractic flexion-distraction technique (low back decompression)
  • myofascial release (soft tissue therapy)
  • personal training 

Appointments are affordable (ranging from $49-$79) and are usually 20 minutes in duration to ensure comprehensive and personalized care.  

Contact Austin Sport and Chiropractic and Dr. Abele at (504) 220-9629 to schedule an appointment.

For more information, you may visit the Austin Sport and Chiropractic website at