Sage Westfall

Sage Westfall at Hyde Park Gym in Austin, TXGroovy lad from Greensboro, NC. Moved here on a whim from backpacking in Mexico in July 2021 (si hablo espanol). I grew up an athlete that lost his love for playing sports but kept my passion for hitting the weights. I was in a pretty dark place before I actually dedicated effort & consistency to lifting & other healthy habits. Now I find myself 7 years later, happier and healthier than I’ve ever been.

Sure life has its humbling moments but I genuinely believe once fitness becomes a part of your daily routine, and you encourage healthy habits, you just live from a different perspective, feel more energetic, & better company tends to gravitate towards you.

Maybe you don’t want to be the everyday gym rat that carries a gallon jug , but prioritizing your health & fitness could be a great starting point. There’s so much to learn on this earth, much that I’m sure I’ll learn from you, but if you allow me to guide you kindly through the world of peace, love, & muscles, you’ll have one hell of a step towards that version of yourself that you’ve been envisioning for so long.

Let’s groove.


  • Hypertrophy Training (Getting Jacked)
  • Squat Bench Deadlift (Getting Strong)
  • Flexibility Training

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Sage Westfall outside of Hyde Park Gym