Alex Berger

Hey! I’m Alex Berger, aka Big Al. I’m a Certified Personal Trainer in Austin, TX. I grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida, playing tennis, riding my bike, and rollerblading. My last year of college I learned to lift weights and quickly became addicted to it! At the same time, I started yoga and handstand practice. When I moved to Austin after graduation, I joined Hyde Park Gym. I discovered and fell in love with powerlifting. The more I moved, the better I felt, and as a goal-oriented person, I loved realizing hard-won progress.

Most days, you can find me moving my body in some way! A few of my favorite ways to move are strength training, yoga and dancing. I want to share my passion for exercise and help you reach your strength, skill, health or physique goals. Whether you’ve never stepped foot in a gym or you’re a seasoned gym rat, it’s my ambition to empower you to move through life with confidence and ease.

Want to see if we’re a good fit? Call or text me at 727-504-4123 or email me at to set up a free consultation.


Here’s what clients have to say about Alex:

“Committing to a healthier lifestyle was a daunting task and meant confronting a lot of unpleasant truths about where I was starting from. At only 32 I was already finding it harder to pick myself up off the ground and needed a change. Alex has been such an integral part of my success in working to lose weight and build muscle because she knows it’s about more than just the physical changes. She doesn’t just check off whether I hit my numbers. This is truly a judgement free, supportive environment from someone who embodies active, health-conscious living! Alex reminds me how far I’ve come, asks where I’m at mentally and even when things don’t go according to plan – we always strategize to make the next week better. Her experience and knowledge of strength training has helped me grow stronger, increase mobility and boost my confidence. I really look forward to my workouts because the programming feels so customized to my personal goals. I can’t say enough good things about my experience, I highly recommend you train with Alex!.” -Alexis G