Push Pull 2008

June 7, 2008 – The sun was hot, the music loud, and the competition fierce on Saturday as 21 competitors pushed and pulled, heaved and hoed, and grunted and groaned in an all-out effort to set new personal bests and break current gym records at the First Annual Push/Pull Competition, hosted by GrassIron. At the end of the day, The Strongest Pound for Pound Lifter Awards went to Tina LeBlanc and Dave Goodin. Julie Hall and Marc Heard gave them a run for their money, finishing a close second.  September Scheldrup and Austin Barbish also displayed great feats of strength, finishing third.

NeWorlDeli kept our bellies full and energy levels high with delicious sandwiches and fruit, Marc Frazier and the South Congress Athletic Club wet our whistles with some cold Shiner beer, Amy and Steve Simmons (Amy’s Ice Cream) provided some great gift cards for the competitors, and Vinyl Richie kept the records spinning and the music thumping

John Payne, Mike Kohn, Deana Knox, and Sean were absolutely incredible, staying all day in the sun and making sure this event ran smoothly! Many, many thanks to them for their sweat and cheers!

Finally, thanks to everyone who came out to cheer on their friends. Your enthusiasm and support is what makes Hyde Park Gym the best gym in town!