Joshua Moutry

ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Cell: (262) 353-0118

My first experience with personal training was in the military seven years ago. I was assigned to be the mentor of a new soldier in my unit. He was incredibly smart but didn’t t have experience in exercise and was nervous about an upcoming physical fitness test. After a few months of training with me, he scored well above average on all of his fitness tests and went on to be a successful leader.

Today, I continue training because I was once a scared young man who hated going to the gym. I didn’t want to look nervous and lost, and I didn’t have the confidence to form any kind of routine. After years of sporadic and inconsistent attempts to get serious about my health, something finally clicked when I became friends with a co-worker who was a former personal trainer. The guidance and direction he gave me were invaluable, and I want to pass that knowledge on to those who struggle with some of those same issues.

I’m passionate about helping others reach their goals without the sense of confusion and uncertainty the fitness industry so often promotes. In training with me, you’ll develop the skills you need to achieve your fitness goals but also to feel more confidence in and outside of the gym.

My focus revolves around simple but effective barbell movements to get you the most bang for your buck. Building strength, gaining muscle, and engaging your metabolism to burn body fat are my specialties.