Hyde Park Gym has 7500 sq ft of space and tons of equipment, including:

Treadmills, ellipticals, Airdynes, spin bikes, recumbent bikes, a Concept 2 rower, tons and tons of dumbbells up to 170 lbs., 14 squat racks, bumpers plates including Eleiko, Swiss balls, medicine balls, rings, bands, foam rollers, jump ropes, leg presses, The Bear, hack squat with calf attachment, 2 reg leg curls, 2 leg extensions, standing leg curl, 5 flat benches, 2 incline benches (different angles), 3 lat pulls, 3 different seated rows, 2 t-bar rows, assisted chin-up/dip machine, standing and seated calf machines, 3 hyper extension devices, reverse hyper, glute ham, plyometric boxes, safety squat rack and bar, bumper plates, cambered bar, buffalo bar, swiss bar, 2 pec decks, Hammer Strength chest machine, iron chair, ab wheels, Hammer Strength hi-row, cable crossover station, dip rack, tricep pin-select machines, incline chest machine, shoulder rack with hi-back seat, several adjustable/movable benches, ab-twist machine, curl machines, preacher curl rack, ez bars and much more!

POWERLIFTING: 3 IPF benches, 2 reg benches, 14 squat racks, 7 deadlifting platforms, glute-ham raise, reverse hyper, chalk, chains, bands, etc.

OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING:  Uesaka competition bars, jerk blocks, bumper plates, chalk, multiple platforms

STRONGMAN: log, sleds, prowlers, atlas stones, kegs, yoke, farmer walkers, car deadlifter, tires, chains, battle ropes, etc.

BARS: Texas power bars, Texas deadlift bars, Ohio power bar, Uesaka weightlifting bars, Multi-grip Swiss bar, cambered bar, buffalo bar, appolon’s axle, safety squat bar, women’s weightlifting bars, ez bars, etc